How To Cook Nasi Uduk Betawi?

What is Nasi Uduk . Nasi uduk is steamed rice with coconut milk and lemon grass as the flavor. Nasi uduk is good for breakfast. Indonesian people like to eat nasi uduk for breakfast and dinner. Some nasi uduk seller also sells at night. You can eat nasi uduk with semur jengkol, Tempe Bacem or fried Tofu and kerupuk. Nasi uduk is tasty dishes you'd better try in Indonesia.

600 gram jasmine rice, clean

800 ml santen/coconut milk

3 lemon grass just the white part

2 bay leaves

2 lime leaves

1/4 white pepper

2 teaspoon salt

Methods :

This time I tried to make Nasi Uduk with the Rice Cooker.

Washed & drain the rice.

Cook coconut milk, lemon grass, bay leaves, lime leaves, white pepper & salt until boil pour into the rice cooker.

Add the rice, stir & cooked in the rice cooker.

Continue cook until all the coconut milk absorb and done.

Take it, serve with the slice egg top of the rice, Sambal ( chilli sauce ) and Bawang Goreng ( fried shallot ).

Direction for the Egg :

Mix the eggs with the salt, beat well.

Make the eggs just like making a thin omelet. Roll and slice  the egg omelet thin slice about 1/4 inch and put on top of the rice.

Served the Coconut Rice with Bawang Goreng ( Fried Shallot ) sprinkle on top of the rice & Sambal ( chilli sauce ). This time I have it with  Rendang (Spicy Beef), Egg, Bawang Goreng  &  Sambal.

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