What is Karedok? How To Make It?

Karedok is one of the most delicious vegetable salad from Indonesia. It is originally from West Java. Karedok is a salad with peanut sauce. There are many peanut sauce recipes in Indonesia, however Karedok sauce is different. The taste is spicy, hot and little bit sweet.

If you want to try the salad you can make Karedok on your own. Here is the recipe!

Easy recipe of karedok Sundanese

• 150 grams of peanuts

• 4 cm kencur (kaempferia galangal).

• 75 grams of brown sugar

• 2 red chilies

• 2 pieces of lime , take the water

• 1 teaspoon shrimp paste fuel

• 1/2 cup water

• salt as needed

• Tamarind water

Vegetables Composition of Sundanese Karedok

1 bunch long beans , sliced ​​small

2 leaves of cabbage , finely sliced

4 small round pieces of eggplant , sliced

100 grams bean sprouts , roots discarded

2 carrots , cut into matchsticks

1 handful basil leaves , plucked

1 cucumber , slice into small pieces

Steps How to make Sundanese Karedok

1. - First Grind the chilies , kencur , peanuts , sugar , shrimp paste , salt , acid water , taste .

2. - Then give lime water and give a little water

3. – After that add all the vegetables and stir slowly,

4- Finally , add fried onion to make Karedok more delicious and now the karedok is ready

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