Recipe How To Make Rujak Serut

1/2 kilo bengkuang
1/2 kilo kedondong
¼ kilo of sweet potato
2 Young Mangoes
1 pineapple
1/4 kilo coconut sugar
1/2 ons red chillies
3 small red chillies (for spicy eaters, if you do not like you can skip the chilli)
1 tea spoon of salt
5 drops of vinegar
1 teaspoon of  sugar
Note ; You can add more fruits


Grated yam, kedongdong, mango and pineapple and sweet potato  set aside.
Grind chili pepper   
Boil the coconut sugar with a half pan water.
Put the ground chillies in the pan.
Add salt, sugar and vinegar.
Let’ the water cool.
Pour the water in the grated fruit while the water is warm not hot.
Put Rujak in the refrigerator you can enjoy Rujak Rerut while it is cold.

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