How To MaKe Sayur Asem

Sayur Asem is a kind of soup which has the tamarind flavor. The taste is little bit sour because of the tamarind as the main ingredient.  There are many variations of Sayur Asem. Sayur Asem Jakarta, Sayur Asem Betawi and Sayur Asem Sunda.  This recipe is Sayur Asem from Sunda ( WestJava).

Seasoning ingredients vegetable recipes

2 pieces of sweet corn, Cut in a wheel shape.
2 tablespoons peanut
75 grams of long beans, cut into pieces.
1 fruit chayote, - cut in dice shape.
Some  Melinjos  (Gnetum Gnemon) fruits.
Melinjo leaves 15-20  pieces
4 large green chilies, -cut into pieces approximately 2 cm
3 cm galangal, press
2 bay leaves
4 tablespoons tamarind water
1.5 liters of clean water

 Ground spices

> 3 cloves garlic
> 6 spring onions
> 1 teaspoon shrimp paste fuel
> 3 red chillies
> Salt to taste
> Grate  coconut sugar., 1 tablespoon.


-          First boil some water, then put vegetables such as corn, peanut, betel nut and leave them until soft / cooked.
-          Then Add the  ground spices.
-          Put galangal and bay leaves.
-           Put the rest of the vegetables: long  beans, squash, leaf melinjo and green chilies,
-           The last  Put the sugar, tamarind water, salt and stir until blended well.
-          Sayur Asem is ready now..

Serving suggestions !

Sayur Asem Sunda is better served with white rice, fried chicken, salted fish, fried tofu or tempe. Sayur Asem with white rice is good to be main dishes for lunch time because the taste of tamarind is refreshing in hot day. 

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