How to Make Gethuk Goregn Sokaraja

Gethuk Goreng Sokaraja is originated from Sokaraja , a small town in Central Java. Gethuk goreng is made from boiled or steam cassava with brown sugar. Nowdays, there are many variants of Gethuk Goreng. There are Gethuk Goreng with cheese,  Original and others.

Ingredients to make Gethuk Goreng Sokaraja:
- 180 grams of brown sugar
- 50 grams of rice flour
- 750 grams of cassava
- 1 tablespoon of wheat flour
- 1/2 teaspoon salt
- Enough oil for frying

How to make delicious fried Gethuk Sokaraja?

1. First, dissolved the  brown sugar  in  a little water.
2. cook until the sugar  mixed.
3. steamed  or  boiled the cassava.
4.  mash cassava  while warm, then pour the brown sugar.
5. Put the dough in a pan.
6. Slice the dough about 5x4 cm.
6. then mix with rice flour and wheat flour with salt in a little of  water, stir and  mix until little bit thick.
8. Heat cooking oil and then take a piece of Gethuk then put into the flour mixture.
9. Fry Gethuk until the color change to golden brown, remove and immediately set aside.
10. Gethuk Sokaraja now is ready.

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