Easy Recipe How to Make Kolak Pisang

Kolak pisang is a kind of Indonesian desert made of ripped bananas with palm sugar and coconut milk. It is usually available in Ramadhan ( fasting month). Indonesian people usually eat Kolak Pisang for fasting break.

Everyone can make this desert because it is very easy. What you should do to make Kolak Pisang?

Here is the recipe to make Kolak Pisang.


5 Pisang Kapok ( Bananas)

2 sweet potatoes

250 ml of coconut milk.

200 gram of coconut milk

½ teaspoon of salt

750 ml water


- Cut bananas into pieces like coins

- Cut sweet potatoes like dices

- Boil sweet potatoes until tender in 750 water

- Put the banana in the boiling pan

- Put the palm sugar in

- When the banana has well done

- Put the coconut milk in

- Stir slowly

- Put the salt

- OK , the kolak Pisang with sweet potatoes is well done

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