How To Make Urap Indonesian Vegetables Salad

Urap is a kind of vegetables salad. Urap uses grated coconut with special recipes as dressing. Urap is good for vegetarian. Indonesian people usually eat urap with white rice , Indonesian fried chicken and kerupuk ( crisps).

Let’s practice how to make urap! Read also most popular Indonesian snack!


1. Vegetables

- 3 medium carrots

- A half cabbage

- A bunch of Long beans

- Some sprouts

- Spinach or cassava leaves

2. Dressing

- A half of grated coconut

- 3 – 5 red chillies

- 3 lime leaves

- 2 salam leaves ( bay leaf)

- 3 cm greater galangale or galingale

- 2 cm shrimp paste

- 1 cm galangale

- 1 teaspoon of salt

- ½ teaspoon of sugar

Steps 1

1. Peel and shred carrots and cabbage.

2. Cut long beans 1 cm long.

3. Prepare bean sprouts

Step 2

1. Steam all the vegetables.

Step 3

1. Grind all dressing ingredients except bay-leaf, lime leaves and galangal

2. Mix all ground ingredients with grated coconut.

3. Sangrai ( stirred-fry without oil in frying pan with small fire) until it looks brownish.

4. Put the lime leaves, bay leaves and cut galangal in the mixture

5. Done

Step 4 
Indonesian vegetables Salad urap coconut grated dressing

1. Take some steamed vegetables in a plate.

2. Put the cooked coconut dressing and mix with the vegetables

3. Now your urap is ready

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