50 Most Favorite traditional Snacks in Indonesia

Every country has traditional snacks. Indonesia with thousands of islands and different cultures has too. Those special snacks are well known in Indonesia. Everyone might have tried them. Here are most favorite snacks you should try in Indonesia.

1. Mie Bakso

Bakso is Indonesian meatball. It is made from beef with some tapioca. Bakso is served with yellow noodle or white noodle ( bihun). There is sometimes Bakso with sprouts. Bakso is better served with soup. You also need some chili or soybean sauce to make Bakso spicier or hotter. You can find Bakso across Indonesia. There are many vendors or restaurants. The most popular sellers are Bakso Solo and Bakso Malang.

2. Pempek Palembang

Pempek is a kind of traditional snack from Palembang ( South Sumatra). It is made from fish and tapioca. Pempek is served with kuah cuko or vinegar sauce. Kuah cuko taste sour and hot. Pempek is sometimes served with noodle. You can find Pempek all over Indonesia.

3. Martabak Manis and Martabak Telur

Martabak Manis is a kind of pancake. It is made of dough. Martabak Manis is spread with peanut and margarine. There are variation of topping like chocolate, cheese, peanut butter and milk. After that the pancake is folded so the topping is inside the fold.

Martabak telur is little bit different. It is thin dough filled with ground beef, and duck’s egg with leek. While the dough is being fried in a large frying pan, the ground beef, leek, and duck’s eggs is place in it. Then, the dough is folded.

Martabak sellers are easy to find all over cities in Indonesia. They usually open their counter from 4 pm to midnight. The price starts from Rp 15000 to 50000.

4. Siomay and Batagor

Somay or Siomay is originally dumpling from China. It is made from tenggiri fish (wahoo) with tapioca. Siomay is usually served with peanut sauce, steamed cabbage, potatoes, bitter gourd.

Batagor is modification of siomay. It is originally from Sundanese Bandung ( West Java). Batagor stands for Baso-tahu-goreng or fried meatball and tofu. The serving is nearly the same as siomay but batagor is fried first.

5. Bakpia Yogyakarta

Bakpia is snack from Yogyakarta. It is a kind a sweet roll from China. Bakpia is usually stuffed with mung beans but sometimes cheese, durian and chocolate. The most popular Bakpia in Yogyakarta is Bakpia Pathok.

6. Lumpia Semarang

Lumpia is originated from China because many Chinese live in Semarang (The Capital City of Central Java). Lumpia is similar to spring roll but filled with young bamboo or bamboo shoot with mince chicken or prawn. It is served with sweet chili sauce made from shrimp.

7. Dodol Garut

Dodol is made with coconut milk, jaggery and rice flour, and is sticky, thick and sweet. Jaggery is unrefined brown sugar made from palm tree or coconut tree. To cook dodol needs long time. Dodol is usually cooked for about nine hours. During the entire cooking process, the dodol must be constantly stirred in a big wok. Pausing in between would cause it to burn, spoiling the taste and aroma. The dodol is completely cooked when it is firm, and does not stick to one's fingers when touching it.

There are many dodol , Dodol Garut, Dodol Betawi, Dodol Durian and others. Dodol mostly found in West Java like Bandung, Garut, Betawi, Bogor and in towns in West Java.

8. Bika Ambon

Bika Ambon is a kind of cake. It is from North Sumatra. The taste is sweet and tender. It is made from tapioca, sugar,eggs, coconut milk and yeast. The taste is various like Pandan, chocolate, cheese and durian. Recently, there are some Bika Ambon stalls in Jakarta and other cities in Java

9. Kue Serabi

Serabi or Surabi is very popular in Java. Central Java Serabi is different from West Java. Specially , different in the way of serving. It is a pancake made of rice and coconut milk. Most Serabi taste sweet but in Central Java is little bit salty. In Bandung Surabi has many variants in topping like durian, peanut butter, oncom, and cheese or even corned beef.

10. Rujak Cingur

Rujak Cingur is from Surabaya. The capital city of East Java. Common rujak is made from fruits with tamarind sauce and chili but Rujak Cingur is different. It uses some fruits too but it also uses cingur ( means mouth of cow or buffalo). Rujak Cingur is served with peanut sauce. You will question if is one of Rujak Cingur compositions Buffalo’s or cow’s mouth? The answer is yes. Do you want to try? You should if you visit Indonesia. Some Indonesian restaurants serve this snack.

11. Onde-Onde

Onde –Onde is very popular in Central Java. It is made from glutinous rice flour stuffed with sweetened mung beans. The skin is coated with sesame seed. Onde-onde is originally from China. It is called Jian Dui.

12. Lemper

Lemper is well known in Java and Bali. Lemper is a pastry made from glutinous rice stuffed with shredded chicken, abon, fish or tempe. Lemper is wrapped in Banana leaves and steamed. The shape of lemper is usually long. To make lemper more delicious the glutinous rice is soaked with coconut milk. Lemper ayam or abon is a good snack for meeting or break time.

13. Tempe Mendoan

Tempe mendoan is from Purwokerto and Banyumas ( Central Java). It is made from tempe. ( tempe is fermented soy beans). Tempe or tempeh is very popular in Java. It contains high protein. Mendoan is made from tempe coated with mixture of rice and wheat flour. The taste is little bit salty and spicy.

14. Otak-otak

Otak-otak is fish with tapioca starch with some spices. It grilled and wrapped in banana leaves. It uses tenggiri fish ( Wahoo). Otak –otak can be found in Indonesia. The seller usually grilled otak-otak in the stall so the aroma is so good that attract customers.

15. Wingko Babad

It is a kind of pancake made from coconut and glutinous rice. Wingko is usually sweet with coconut taste. It is served in large or small size.

16. Combro and misro

Combro stands for oncom di jero ( oncom inside). It is pastry made from grated cassava and little coconut that is fried. Combro is found in West Java. While combro is filled with sambel oncom ( oncom with chilli) Misro is filled with jaggery. Misro means Amis di jero ( sweet inside).

17. Gethuk Goreng Sokaraja

Gethuk Goreng Sokaraja is from Sokaraja Banyumas, Central Java. It is made from cassava with grated coconut. The cassava is fried with sweet flavor. There are varian taste right now. Gethuk goreng with cheese flavor and original flavor.

18. Kripik Singkong

Kripik singkong is chips made from cassava. There are variant tastes of cassava chips. There are chips with chili flour, or original. There is also barbeque and cheese flavor. You can easily find cassava chips stalls or you can find packed cassava chips in supermarket in Indonesia.

19. Asinan Bogor

Asinan is a kind of salad made from fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are soaked in vinegar and salt with some spices. The most popular asinan is Asinan Bogor and Betawi. While asinan betawi made of vegetable asinan bogor made of fruits like mango,papaya,pineapple, jicama, and nutmeg. Bogor is a distrik in West Java province.

20. Tahu Sumedang

It is deep fried tofu from Sumedang ( West Java). The different from other tofus is that tofu sumedang is a half empty. The taste si spicy. People usually eat with lontong ( toughened rice wrapped in banana leaves).

21. Kerupuk

Kerupuk is a kind of crackers made from tapioca flour with some ingredients like fish, prawn, and garlic. There are two types or krupuk in the market. Fried krupuk or dry krupuk. Fried krupuk is ready to serve but dry krupuk is still raw. You need to fry before you eat.

22. Lemang

Lemang is very popular in West Sumatra, and Aceh. It is traditional pastry made of glutinous rice with coconut milk cooked in hollowed bamboo. This food is also available in Brunai, Malaysia and Singapore. It is best served with chicken curry. You can find Lemang in celebration of Moslem Holiday like Iedul Fitri.

23. Papeda

You can find Papeda in Maluku Island and Papua. It is made of sago flour. It is a kind of porridge. Papeda is usually served with yellow soup. Yellow soup is mackerel or tuna spiced with turmeric, and lime. You can also eat Papeda with vegetables like papaya flower and kangkung.

24. Cenil

What is Cenil? It is a snack made from tapioca starch. Cenil is usually served with grated coconut and palm sugar or jaggery. The taste is sweet. You can find cenil in traditional market in Java.

25. Kolak Pisang / biji salak.

Kolak pisang is sweet desert from Indonesia. It is usually available in fasting month. People break their fasting with kolak pisang. Kolak pisang is made from banana with palm sugar or coconut sugar with pandanus leaves as flavor. Variation of kolak is Biji salak. Biji salak is ball dough made from sweet potato with tapioca starch. The sweet potato is steamed and mixed with tapioca then shaped in balls. The balls are put in boiled sweet coconut milk.

26. Kue Cucur

Kue cucur is made from mixture of rice flour, wheat flour, and palm sugar in water. It is thick in the middle and thin in the edges. You can find kue cucur in Java and Sumatra.

27. Bakwan

Bakwan is wheat flour with vegetables deep fried in cooking oil. The vegetables are cabbage, carrot, beansprout. Bakwan is available at street food stalls. ( goreng-gorengan sellers). It is better served with green chili.

28. Klepon

Klepon is glutinous rice ball with palm sugar inside. It is served with grated coconut. Klepon maker gives color like green, red or plain. Sometimes, it is served with coconut sugar syrup. It is so sweet and tender. see how to make klepon.

29. Nagasari

Nagasari in Central Java is also called Kue Utri. It is made from rice flour with coconut milk stuffed with banana. Wrapped in banana leaves and steamed in pan. The flavor is usually with pandan leaves.

30. Kue Lapis

Kue Lapis is desert made from rice flour mixed with little glutinous rice flour or sago. It has layered color like red, green and white. The taste is sweet. It is made in a pan and steamed. The flavor that people like is pandan. Kue lapis can be found throughout Java and Sumatra.

31. Jenang Wajik

Wajik is made from glutinous rice with palm sugar. It is cooked with coconut milk. The most flavor that people like is Pandan. You can find wajik in Java, It is found in Selamatan ( celebration). The color is brownish and the shape is rhombus or diamond.

32. Kue Mata Sapi

Kue Mata Sapi is made from grated cassava and coconut with banana inside. It is a kind of desert. The cake is wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. Kue Mata Sapi is better served with grated coconut with little sugar.

33. Kue Dadar Gulung

Kue Dadar Gulung is a kind of sweet pastry. It is made of egg , wheat flour and coconut milk with grated coconut mixed with palm sugar inside. The skin is from mixture of egg and wheat flour is filled with grated coconut that is sweetened with palm sugar. The the cake is rolled. Most cake has pandan flavor and the color is green.

34. Rengginang

Rengginang is found in Java and Sumatra. It is a kind of rice cracker. It is made of sticky glutinous rice with some spicy. It is shaped round and dried under the sunlight. The dry rengginang is deep fried in cooking oil.

35. Tahu Isi

Tahu isi is a kind of stuffed tofu. In Indonesia, Tahu isi is filled with vegetables like grated cabbage, carrot and bean sprout which is stirred fried with some spices. Tahu isis is deep fried in cooking oil. You can find tahu isi in food stalls all over Indonesia.

36. Kacang Sukro

Kacang sukro is crispy flour dressing of peanuts or coated peanuts. The taste is crispy and spicy. It is available in traditional food stalls and supermarket throughout Indonesia. It is better served when you are in gathering moment with your family and friends.

37. Kacang telur

Kacang telur is the same as kacang sukro. The different is the taste. Kacang telur is sweet. It is sweet and crispy. Wheat flour and egg with some sugar are mixed to make peanut coating. It is also available in food stall or supermarket.

38. Rempeyek

Rempeyek is Javanese Craker. It is made from peanuts or soybeans bound or coated and deep fried. The shape is usually round. Rempeyek kacang is very popular in Yogyakarta. Sometime Rempeyek kacang is called Rempeyek Yogyakarta.

39. Madu Mongso

Madu mongso is a sweet snack. It is made from fermented black glutinous rice with palm sugar. It is wrapped in colorful oil paper. Madu Mongso is often found in serving snacks in Iedul Fitri celebration.

40. Lanting

Lanting is originally from Purworejo and Kebumen ( Central Java). Lanting is made from cassava. It is a kind of crispy snack with garlic flavor. The shape is round of 8 shape. It is good as a gift because it lasts for long time.

41. Bubur Kacang Hijau dan Ketan Hitam

It is traditional porridge made from mung beans and black glutinous rice. The sweet is usually from sugar cane of palm sugar. It is better served with coconut milk. You can find Bubur Kacang Ijo stalls in Jakarta and Bekasi and other cities in Indonesia. Most Sellers are from Kuningan (West Java).

42. Sate Pusut

Sate Pusut is from Lombok ( West Nusa Tenggara). Lombok is located in the east of Bali Island. It is made from ground beef or chicken mixed with coconut grated or special spices. It is formed like sausages with skewer. The meat is grilled and brushed with some spices while being cooked. Sate pusut is served without sauce.

43. Pisang Epe

Pisang Epe is traditional food from South Sulawesi. Pisang Epe is made from a half matured bananas which is grilled. The banana will be taken out when the color is blackish. Pisang Epe is better served with palm sugar. You can add some cheese if you like.

44. Kue Amparan

Kue Amparan is popular in Kalimantan ( Borneo). It is made from rice flour with banana inside. Rice flour mixed with milk, coconut milk, little sago flour, and pandan leaves as the flavor. It is sweet and tender. The mixed of the dough is layered in a pan and steam.

45. Jawada

You can find Jawada in East Nusa Tenggara. Jawada is a cake made of mixture of rice flour, coconut milk, salt, palm sugar or coconut sugar. The cake in a glimpse is like fried bihun ( white noodle) formed in a triangle and brown color. The cake is great as gift because it lasts for long time.

46. Rujak Buah

What is Rujak? Rujak is a kind of salad but Rujak is made of various fruits with palm sugar and peanut sauce ( sambal) as dressing. Rujak is good to be served in hot and sunny days. Some people like hot Rujak that uses a lot of red chillies. .

47. Uli Bakar

Uli is Sundanese People for calling Ketan. Uli is steamed glutinous rice made into dough. Uli Bakar is grilled on charcoal. Uli bakar is delicious snack as a friend of drinking coffee.

48. Pisang Molen

Pisang Molen is wheat flour dough filled with banana. The dough is fried in deep cooking oil. You can find pisang molen anywhere in Indonesia. Gorengan seller on the street usually sells this snack.

49. Kue ku

Indonesia is one of producers of glutinous rice so that many cakes made from the sticky rice. Kue Ku is a sweet cake made from glutinous rice flour made into dough with pandan flavor. The dough is stuffed with mung bean or sweet coconut grated mixed with palm sugar. Kue ku is steamed cake that shapes like turtle.

50. Apang Kenari

Apang Kenari is from Noth Sulawesi. It is a kind of cake. It is made from canarium nut, wheat flour, rice flour , coconut milk, coconut water. All ingredients are mixed and made into dough. The dough is steamed.

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