Nasi Padang the most popular and the spiciest restaurant from West Sumatra

Padang is the capital city of West Sumatra, Indonesia. Many Padang people live as urbans. They are well known as sellers and traders in many business fields. Some of them run Nasi Padang restaurants.

ABout Nasi padang restaurants

Serving Style
Nasi Padang Restaurant Serving Style

Nasi Padang restaurant can be found everywhere in Indonesia. They are also can be found in Malaysia, Singapore and Middle East. Why Nasi Padang or Padang cuisines are accepted worldwide? The answer is the taste. Taste never lies. Nasi Padang is very spicy and delicious.

Nasi Padang restaurant becomes the most favorable and affordable restaurant in Indonesia. The pricing of Nasi Padang starts from Rp 9000 to Rp 50000 per portion. You will fill up with only that small money.

Various Menus in Padang restaurants

There are some special menus that visitors like at Nasi Padang restaurants. Here are some of them;

1. Rendang Padang
beef rendag padang

Rendang Padang is beef that is cooked with special recipes and boiled in coconut milk . The beef is boiled until the coconut milk gets dried. The dried coconut milk results residue name ( kalio). This residue makes the beef spicy and delicious.

If you are not Padang people you will find difficult to cook rendang Padang that has the same taste as the original rendang. There are some ingredients and mixtures that aren’t told to anyone. They can be secret recipes for only Padang people. However, you can try to cook rendang Padang that taste like the original. See how to cook rendang Padang! Gudeg Yogya.

2. Sambal Ijo
green chili sauce

Sambal ijo is a kind of sauce made from green chilies. Sambal ijo is always available at Nasi Padang restaurants. This menu is very special too. The taste is very hot and spicy. If you are not accustomed to oriental meal, you will have some problem with your digestive system. You may go to toilet many times after eating sambal ijo. Sambal ijo is very needed by Indonesian people at Nasi Padang restaurants.

3. Jengkol

Balado jengkol padang
Balado Jengkol Padang

Some people don’t like this menu but others like it very much. Jengkol has latin name Archidendron Pauciflorum . It has very bad smell. The taste is also strange. After eating jengkol your mouth will release bad smell. Your urine and feces will smell bad too. Do you want to try this?

4. Ayam pop

Ayam pop is chicken cooked with coconut milk and special recipes. The skin of the chicken is removed before being cooked. Ayam pop is also called ayam sayur or gulai ayam at Nasi Padang restaurants.

5. Boiled Cassava leaves
boiled cassava leaves
Boiled Cassave Leaves

Boiled cassava leaves will neutralize the fat that presents in some of Padang cuisines. It is a kind of salad. Cassava leaves is cooked with special techniques so the taste will be tender and the color looks green. Nasi Padang chef is much trained to cook cassava leaves. If you try to boiled cassava leaves you may be surprise because the color will be black and the taste is not tender.

6. Gulai Kepala Kakap

snapper curry fish gulai kepala kakap padang

Not all Nasi Padang restaurants provide the menu. Kepala kakap is the head of Ikan Kakap (Snapper fish or Seabass) cooked with coconut milk. Why not all Nasi Padang restaurants have no this menu? It is because the availability of Kepala kakap in fish market is rare.

Here are some other menus that you can find at Nasi Padang restaurants.

7. Sambal teri ( red chili sauce with small fish).

8. Tunjang (fatty parts of beef cooked with coconut milk).

9. Longbean and cabbage.

10. Some fried fish.

11. Fried chicken.

12. Grilled chicken

13. Fried eggs.

There are other menus available at Nasi Padang restaurants. If you go to Indonesia and never try Nasi Padang, you miss one special meal that is very popular in Indonesia.

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