Introducing Gudeg Yogya Special Cuisines from Young Jackfruit

Gudeg is very popular in Yogyakarta or Jogja. Yogyakarta used to be an Islamic Kingdom in Central Java. Now, Yogyakarta becomes a special province in Indonesia. Yogyakarta Sultan Palace, where the Sultan family lives still exists until now.
Gudeg Jogja

Gudeg is made from young jackfruit. It is cooked with palm sugar or coconut sugar. The color of Gudeg is sometimes reddish or brownish. It is because of the teak wood leaves.

If you are vegetarian Gudeg is proper food for you. The tender of young jackfruit resembles with meat.

There are two types of Gudeg. They are wet Gudeg and Dry Gudeg. Dry Gudeg will last longer than wet Gudeg. It can last for three days.

Gudeg is usually served with fried chicken, Opor ayam ( chicken cooked with coconut milk) and Sambal Krecek ( stew made from beef skin with red chilies).

Where can you find Gudeg?

There are many sites to find Gudeg in Yogyakarta. Wet Gudeg sellers usually open their shop in the evening until midnight. You can find many Gudeg shop in Solo Street. Dry Gudeg is usually served as a gift because it lasts about three days. The most popular dry Gudeg can be found in Wijilan.

The taste of Gudeg is commonly sweet. If you like hot chilies you can add with sambal krecek. Going to Yogyakarta without trying Gudeg will leave you questioning why you not try Gudeg. See also Nasi Padang and How to make rendang Padang!

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