How to Make Stuffed Tofu or Tahu Isi

How to make Indonesian  stuffed Tofu
Tahu isi is tofu filled with vegetables like carrot, cabbage and sprouts. The the tofu is coated with wheat flour and fry in deep cooking oil. Tahu isi will complete if it is served with green chillies.

This is how to cook Indonesian Tahu isi

1. 10 pieces of Brown ( fried) Tofu

2. Wheat flour 100 gram

3. 2 carrots

4. A quarter cabbage

5. Some bean sprouts

6. 5 Shallots

7. 2 garlic

8. Little pepper

9. Coriander flour

10. Two spoonful of salt

11. Little sugar


- Shred carrots, and cabbage

- Take out the flesh of tofu ( empty the tofu)

- Slice 1 garlic and 2 shallots

- Sautee the shredded carrots, cabbage, sprout, and flesh of tofu with sliced garlic and shallots.

- Add a little salt and sugar.

- Put the sautéed vegetables in the tofu.

- Prepare dough from wheat flour.

- Grind 1 garlic, 3 shallots, and little pepper and coriander flour with one spoonful of salt.

- Add a litter sugar and taste the dough.

- Coat the tofu with the dough.

- Fry the coated tofu in deep frying oil.

- Let the tofu look golden.

- Take out the tofu.

- Now Tahu isi is ready.

Tahu isi is one of most popular snack sold in street vendors. Tahu isi is great to be served when it is still warm.

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