How To Cook Rendang Padang Taste Real and Original

Rendang Padang is one of the most favorite main menu at Nasi Padang restaurants. 

How to make rendang padng

Too cook rendang Padang that results taste like the original is sometimes difficult. There are some ingredients that you don’t know. I am an Indonesian but I am not from Padang. When I cook rendang Padang I use a packed ingredient that I buy from a traditional market.

Here are the ingredients that I got from the market. Look at the image it is written Salero Padang ( means taste Padang) . This packed recipe is not available in supermarket. Instead of using ready ingredients made by factory I prefer using this herb because the taste is real Padang.

Let’s check what is in the pack?

1. Corianders

2. Cinnamon

3. Fennel

4. There are few others I don’t know the name.

How to make rendang Padang


500 gram beef

1 Littre of coconut milk

8 Shallots

4 garlics

5 red chilies ( if you need add the chilies)

3-5 leaves of lime

1 tea spoon of salt

Steps to cook rendang Padang

1. Grind all the ingredients until like flour.

2. Grind together with shallots, garlics, chilies, and salt.

3. Prepare 1 Littre of coconut milk ( you ‘d better use not packed coconut milk because it is thicker). If not available in your country you can use packed coconut milk from supermarket.

4. Boil all the ground ingredients together with coconut milk in a pan for about 2 -3 hours until the coconut milk gets dried. There will be kalio( residue of heated coconut milk) after that. This kalio content coconut oil. I think this oil is good.

5. Add the leaves of lime.

6. Taste the rendang if the taste is OK , take out the pan from the stove. If you think you need some sugar or more salt you can add as your appetite.

7. Now, rendang Padang is ready

That is easy but there are many kinds of rendang in Indonesia. Rendang Jawa, rendang Sunda. For me,Rendang Padang is the tastiest rendang I have ever eaten. See Gudeg Yogya!

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