How to Cook Jengkol Balado

Jengkol trees can grow almost all regions in Indonesia. The smell of Jengkol is very bad and unpleasant however many Indonesian people love Jengkol very much.

The most popular cuisines from Jengkol are Semur Jengkol and Jengkol Balado. Each region has different taste of semur and Balado. This time I would like to share how to cook Jengkol Balado by Indonesianfoodmatters version.

Alright , here is the recipe how to make Jengkol Balado.
How to Cook Jengkol Balado


1. 500 gram Jengkol

2. 10 or 15 red chillies

3. 4 shallots

4. 2 garlics

5. 1 tomato

6. 1 teaspoon or salt

7. A little sugar


1. Boiled Jengkol until well done.

2. Press Jengkol with grinder or presser.

3. Grind the chillies,shallots, garlics, tomato , salt and sugar.

4. Prepare a frying pan on the stove.

5. Pour a little of cooking oil.

6. Fry and stir the ground ingredients until you got good smell.

7. Put all Jengkol in the frying pan.

8. Stir and a little water to mix the ground chillies with Jengkol.

9. Now , You are done.

10. Jengkol Balado is ready.

Jengkol Balado is better served with white rice, beef Rendang or fried chicken with some vegetables like cassava leaves. The serving style is similar to Nasi Padang serving style. Ok you are ready to the smell of Jengkol.

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