Easy Recipe How to Make Rujak Uleg Indonesian Fruit Salad

What is Rujak? Rujak is a kind of salad but Rujak is made of various fruits with palm sugar and peanut sauce ( sambal) as dressing. Rujak is good to be served in hot and sunny days. Some people like hot Rujak that uses a lot of red chillies.

This is how to make Rujak Uleg.


1. 1 unripe mango

2. 100 gram bengkoang (Jicama)

3. 100 gram cucumber

4. 100 gram pineapple

5. 100 gram sweet potato

6. 100 gram a half ripe papaya

7. A piece of Asam Jawa ( Javanese Tamarind)

8. 100 – 150 gram palm sugar of coconut sugar

9. 50 gram fried peanut

10. 3 red chillies you can add more chillies.

11. A half tea spoon of salt

12. 1 cm shrimp paste

13. A little water


- Grind salt, chillies, shrimp paste, peanut, tamarind, and palm sugar or coconut sugar.

- Mix with little water.

- Slice all fruits and put in a plate

- Now Rujak is ready to serve.

How to eat rujak ulek? Get the sliced fruit and dip in the sambal ( sauce) and eat. Taste the sensation of hot chillies with the sour of young mango.

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